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The key objective of Latino Food Industry Association is to advance and protect the interests of our members and the food industry. LFIA, in partnership with several government relations experts, work diligently to ensure that the legislature and elected offcials keep these interests in mind when enacting measures. This Association also provides legislative advocacy on key local issues and the State and Federal legislature. We place our members interests in the highest regard and commit to granting a voice within local, state, and national affairs so that they may continue to grow and succeed. We establish close working partnerships with professional advocacy and lobbyist groups to analyze, monitor and sponsor relevant legislation.


The Latino Food Industry Association works with government relations experts dedicated to giving a voice to our members. Our team tracks, introduces, and lobbies for legislation that benefts our industry and addresses many gender and culural challenges. We offer updates to our members of our advocacy work during general membership meetings, and board meetings.


Legislative Day serves as an annual day for our association and its members to attend previously arranged meetings with lawmakers and policy experts at our state and federal capital to address critical issues facing our industry and work towards streamlined solutions.


The Latino Food Industry Association is dedicated to the well being of not only our members, but the public at large. We have a responsibility as a non-proft organization, and as members of the community to assist in the betterment of groups and individuals around us. LFIA has designated community liaisons who build alliances and partnerships with targeted groups to engage and educate the general consumer on the issues affecting our industry.